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Property owners and real estate brokers may submit their specifically identified properties for free. Just register and submit. 30 day automatic listing removal unless renewed by registered member user. Only single property parcel ads will be accepted unless part of a single property for sale offering.


Only single offerings of specifically identified properties for sale will be accepted. Links to other web sites will only be allowed in conjunction with an accepted property ad. .


By placing specifically identified real estate properties for sale offerings, descriptions, links and listing on this site, users (advertisers) certify that he/she has the legal right and authority to advertise each specifically identified property listed. User accepts all responsibility for the content in the advertising, listings and links placed on www.Discounted-Properties.Net


Advertisements and listings on this site are placed with the understanding that when need or authority for ads or listing no longer exist, user agrees to remove any such ad or listing. User further agrees to maintain and update current contact names, telephone numbers, email and other information when those changes occur. User may be required to verify and update ads or listing information periodically. Failure may subject ads and listings to termination and removal.


All advertising and ad copy, descriptions, links and listings are subject to approval and acceptance. Discounted-Properties.Net reserve the right to reject and/or edit all or part of any advertising, listings or links placed.


Advertisers agree to notify www.Discounted-Properties.Net when property is sold or advertiser no longer has the rights and/or authority to sell or advertise a listed property. Advertising is complete when property is sold, when property is no longer available, when contact information is no longer valid, such as phone number, email address, etc.


Users of this site are expected to conduct inquiries and/or response to inquiries in a professional, timely and courteous manner. Reports to the contrary may result in lost site privileges and use. Users agree to report any misconduct or abuse at the hands of other site users or inquirers


User information, personal, financial, phone numbers, email addresses are not for sale, not for rent and are not available free to anyone for any reason, except as may be listed in an ad or listing on the site, intended in such a way for public perusal such as contact information on an ad or listing. Email addresses on ads and listings are not accessible and are private. Contact is made through email by filling out an email contact form. Any suspected breach, abuse or possible misuse in any way should be reported immediately.


Be advised that all respondents to your listing may not have good intentions. Please be careful as to who you respond to. If an offer or request seems strange, outrageous or just to good to be true, it is probably a scam. Messages generated and sent from this form do not have your email address visible, however if you reply to those messages, the requester will now have your email address and you can expect further abuse from them. Please report any suspected abuse or abusers. Should you have any questions about abusers contact us immediately.


A high degree of prudence and diligence should be exercised at all times with regard to the buying and selling of real estate.
Buyer and seller information listed on this site are believed to be accurate and reliable. www.discounted-Properties.Net dose NOT guarantee the accuracy and/or reliability of any information or listings here. We regularly update the information and site listings. We are committed to maintaining accurate, reliable and current information. Should any www.discounted-Properties.Net visitor or user believe that any seller listing(s) on this site are inaccurate or are other than represented, please contact us as soon as possible.


All rates, prices, terms and conditions offered on this site are subject to change with or without notice.

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